I haven’t seen a single moose on this gosh darn trip. This makes me mad.
All I’ve seen is beefaloes, farm critters, a coyote. Eagles. A dead cat on the highway. A massive blood splatter down the road from something being hit.
And lots of dogs. :T

I got two deadpool shirts and a walking dead shirt that goes with my girly hip leggins awe yesh

Now I need to find an assassins creed Blackbeard figure and a gasmask.

Holy lump that Krieg picture reached 133 notes today ._.

In other news. I’m in Smithers and heading back to Prince George in a few.
Then tomorrow I have a 9 hour long ride (if not more) from PG to maple ridge.

Alright ladies and gents.
I’m leaving for a few days again going up north..
I’ll be back. I might be able to check da tumblas but idk.

I will draw cute robots on my journey. ouo
And get replies done on my krieg blog. Or just delete it? I’m not feeling the love with it anymore for some reason.
I think I hecked up. Sorry.

We’ll see anyway.

Take care guys.