Will get my replies done for my roleplay blogs later on or tomorrow.
I just seem to keep hecking up on those blogs. But I really love everyone I’m roleplaying with I made allot of good friends.

But anyway I will get replies tomorrow or before bed.
Cuz after babysitting Ima see if I can get my brother to teach me how to fly as good as he can on gta.
He’s like.. An expert. And I need to learn so I can fly to :D
It shall be an intense game of follow the leader in jets an planes.

im going to blow up so many xD

"You know, I wasn’t “programmed” for direct combat. I also wasn’t “programmed” to overuse air quotes. But obviously I’ve grown beyond my “programming” beyond my “enslavement”, and beyond my “patience” for your “kind”."
- Mega Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap (via claptrapthefirehawk)

claptraps fave addon